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Juan van Emmerloot (founder and owner):

"During our musical tours and recording sessions, we have met a number of great artists, with whom we have always stayed in close contact. Out of this enormous network of colleague musicians and artists, we have built a selection of well talented composers, performers, producers, art-designers and technicians, who now work close together in different setups, keeping music production alive and strong.
At Vanmerloot Music Pros, we know that with various artists working together, "teamwork" is the keyword to producing the best results."

Jan van Oort
(solo artist CD album "The Voice Inside"):

"Juan approaches you, as well as a musician as a human being, with deep respect. He makes you feel comfortable and at home, so only the best can come out of you. I'm so glad that I choose Juan for producing my CD."

John "Rabbit" Bundrick
(keyboardist - The Who):

"I met Juan while working with Snowy White.
My experience on first meeting with Juan was that
he was a "musician's musician", and was of the highest
quality of craftman that I have met since the 1970's.
With his company, Vanmerloot Music Pros, Juan has
mixed, organised, and performed on my newest album,
The Wind Cried, and has given me a stunning Official
mix. 100% satisfaction guaranteed..."

Sally Lune:

"Vanmerloot Music Pros's commitment, accessibility
and 'know how', sure played an important role in our
debut album's success, making us aware of the
importance of a good mastering.

Thank you guys."

Goofy & The Regulars:

"Working with 'Vanmerloot Music Pros' ment a great step forward for Goofy & the Regulars.
Not only did we experience the co-operation as enjoyable and inspiring, the way the project objectives were met proved an outstanding professionalism.
Juan was able to explore the best of our abilities without compromising our artistic identity. He summarised it all in the recording of the 'Cruise Control' album.
Edit values for Goofy: We have beautiful recordings, but we also have a new friend. We hope we can continue our co-operation in the future!!"